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We required an inspection on short notice and called Paul, who quickly returned my call, set up a time to come out and inspect prior to needing to sign off the inspection condition. Paul was efficient, effective, knew what to look for and did a great inspection for us. Paul also answered questions after the inspection was done and was a great help to us. I am also in construction management, but was at a distance and Paul rose to the challenge. you will be satisfied that you hired him for your project.


Murray Kobe


Thank you Paul for providing my clients a professional and thorough inspection of their Collingwood chalet purchase. As a real estate broker in Toronto for over 30 years, I recognize and appreciate your knowledge and expertise of the inspection process. John Alkins CRA FRI Broker of Record, Alkins Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage.

John Alkins  

Paul goes above and beyond to ensure accuracy and a complete detailed report. Regardless of the level of understanding and knowledge of his clients, he takes the time to explain with care. Excellent, professional and proficient!!! Thank you Paul

Tara Parsons 

ReadHilton - Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage, agent here.

Yes, Paul came to do a Home Inspection for us in Grey Highlands and detected a strong gas like odour. The sellers suggested that it may just be fumes from the septic, and on certain days, when the wind is just blowing in a particular direction, this would create the smell.

No, it was from the overhead propane furnace, and was a very dangerous situation.

Clarksburg Contractors came over right away, and confirmed the situation and immediately 'red tagged' the furnace, thereby shutting it down and locking it our, per our Ontario Laws.

Paul, I believe, saved lives in this situation in this case, as had he not detected this, one of the children or the parents would have died from Carbon Monoxide.

Thank you. It is a pleasure for I and my wife and partner Gail Crawford, to highly recommend Paul Bartolo for any Home or WETT Inspection.

Read Hilton  

I have worked with previous home inspectors in the past, they did not even compare to assured home inspection. Paul did a very detailed inspection on our home.He was very professional and knowledgeable about every aspect of the home inspection. He truly cares. Paul missed a very important personal event on a saturday night to help us out of a schedule jam. He provided a very detailed report very soon after the insepction. I feel there couldn't have been anyone better to inspect our home. I have and will continue to recomend paul as a home inspector. Thank you sooo much

Leslie & Bill   

Hello Paul, I just wanted to thank you again for a job well done. We have taken possession of our chalet here in Blue Mountain and are settling in. We have addressed many of the issues you pointed out during your thorough home inspection. We are appreciative of your honesty and integrity towards your inspection.

We enjoyed our first snowfall this past weekend at the chalet and are very pleased with our purchase. Thanks again, Mike& Rita



Hi Paul, your expertise in this field is highly notable. We truly appreciated the level of detail applied to your in-depth review of our new home - it's very clear you care a great deal about providing a very professional review and that you take pride in the work you do, and I appreciate all the communication as well as the walkthrough of the report once it was near completion. We also loved the fact that your approach is very modern, with a downloadable PDF provided to us, complete with detailed photos and more information on the home than we could have ever hoped for. 


I will highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a new home. 


Thank you very much, Tony


I came home one evening to hear the sump pump going and smelled something burning. The sump pump was not turning off. I called a friend and he came over with a portable pump and we emptied the sump pit. He said the sump pump was not pumping the water out at all.


I called Paul Bartolo and explained the situation. He came over promptly the next day and identified the solution was to change the pipe so that it was no longer against the cold basement wall, but rather on the other side of the insulation, exposed to the warm air of the house. It turned out I was lucky I had that frozen pipe because when he got the pipe unfrozen and the original sump pump working, Paul identified that the second new sump pump with the battery backup had not been installed properly. Paul dismantled that sump pump and installed it correctly as well as putting the pipe in so that it was in front of the insulation and exposed to household temperature. He also replaced the 25 year old original sump pump with a new one.


There were a number of things I appreciated in having Paul do the work. He came when he said he would come, explained things clearly every step of the way and not only solved the original problem, but prevented a potential serious problem down the road by identifying that the new pump was not working correctly. His rates were reasonable. I would highly recommend Paul. His work is top notch.



Thank you for responding to my request for help with short notice. My clients were informed by their home inspector that the chimney in the home they were purchasing would not pass a WETT inspection and that a metal liner was
required to resolve the situation. You brought in your business associate (who is a comprehensive Level II WETT certified professional) to inspect the chimney and to determine the cost to repair. I was extremely pleased when you informed us that, in fact, there was no issue with the chimney and that you and your associate were able to provide us with a thorough WETT report to pass the fireplace and chimney. 


Sincerely, Stef 

Hi Paul,

Thanks for completing this report so quickly and thoroughly. Your professionalism is very


We will take into consideration your recommendations.

Thanks again - all the best.


Amy & Chris

Hi Paul.  Just a quick update to say that our shower has been demolished today and there was a LOT of water behind it (the pan was ok but the fellow said there was a leak somewhere).  He said there was also mold in there so…..thanks once again for helping us to find this. 


Paul thanks so much for coming Saturday.  You did a very thorough job, we really appreciate it.   

Thanks again



I would highly recommend AH&RI. I contacted Paul about a grading issue outside my 11 year old house.  He came over the very next day, and was I ever glad that he did!  I think that he prevented me from having to spend thousands of dollars on repairs that  other professionals had told me were necessary.  He was personable and professional, and explained the details to me in simple terms. He was very thorough, & used technology to show me exactly where the problem was.

I wouldn't hesitate to use AH&RI again!

Thanks for your inspection today!




We brought in AHRI for a pre-sale inspection as a way to better market our home before listing it. They provided a thorough, detailed review of the main system and components of our home, and were extremely professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They were able to complete the final report on-site by using specialized software on their phone, which allowed them to capture detailed information along with numerous high quality pictures as they conducted the inspection. We had the final report sent to us electronically, and the inspector took the time to walk us through the final report and answer all of our questions. We were very pleased with the whole experience and final product, and would recommend AHRI to friends and family for their home inspection needs.





Hello Paul,


My husband and I would just like to thank you very much for your thorough inspection of our home. We know that we were very busy the day you came, and we felt completely comfortable, and were impressed with your focus and attention to every detail, without us having to provide you with any direction at all. Your respectful manner is truly appreciated, and your interest in our home's unique features, such as the solar assisted water heating system, speaks to your true professionalism. Thank you for being so engaging with us when explaining the details of your findings, and for making the recommendations that you did, such as the installation of additional attic vents. It was an added bonus that you logged the make and model of our appliances, and we received the emailed Recall Report about them exactly when and how you had said we would. We were very happy to find that there were no recalls on any of our appliances. We were so interested when your Inspection Report email arrived - we were glued to the computer going over the very clear summary, and all the pictures. Our favourites were the close-up view of our roof shingles, which told a WAY more detailed story of their condition than we can see from the ground, and the photos of the serial numbers on all of our appliances. What a great resource, just in case they are ever needed for insurance purposes. Thank you very much Paul - we will be very happy to recommend your home inspection services, and wish you all the best in your chosen profession!


Sincerely Yours,


A wonderful experience. Paul was able to find issues with my home that my other inspector missed or overlooked. Paul was extremely professional and courteous. I was very impressed with his knowledge and use of modern technology. I had a summary report emailed to me at the conclusion of the physical inspection and explained to me before he left the house. Later that day I was emailed my full report that was comprehensive and easy to understand.


Thanks so much Paul.


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