WETT Inspection

Assured Home and Renovation Inspections Is Certified for Specialty Inspections Such as WETT and Fireplace Inspection.

Have you been told you need a particular inspection for insurance purposes or do you want peace of mind before you burn in a fireplace for the first time? We can provide various types of inspections to help you meet your insurance requirements.

What is WETT Inspection and who needs it? A WETT inspection is a professional inspection of all wood-burning appliances by a certified inspector. WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. An inspection can provide peace of mind to homeowners because of the inherent risks this type of heating can have not only for fires but for air pollutants. Often insurance companies require this inspection, but it is also a good idea for any homeowner or potential buyer to have one every few years for safety.

What is fireplace inspection and how often should it occur? A fireplace and chimney inspection is much like it sounds. A professional will come into your home and assess the integrity of your fireplace and chimney to make sure there are no fire or air pollutant risks that can harm the inhabitants. Many people have their chimneys swept yearly and have their wood burning appliance regularly. Regular inspections are required by home insurance companies, and require a WETT report created by a WETT Certified person.

Contact us at Assured Home and Renovation Inspections today to schedule your overall home inspection, WETT Inspection or Fireplace Inspection. We also provide commercial inspection services to the Wassaga Beach, Collingwood, The Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Meaford, and Owen Sound areas. We provide valuable information, peace of mind, and help homeowners meet insurance requirements with our WETT inspections and other services. Call today, to receive your inspection before you need to use your fireplace again.